Are you a successful Sales Rep whose life feels out of whack?

This program is designed to give you all the tools you need to rock your quota AND have a life you love again.

We customize a plan for you to have a new way to stay on top without the sacrifice and negative impact it has on the rest of your life. Bottom line: you take back your life while making more money and having more fun.  

Together, we map out a crystal clear vision and plan of action and combine that with a 3 faceted comprehensive training and coaching program to upgrade any skills, master your mindset and enhance your health and well-being.

The reason successful executives and sales professionals hire me as their coach is to have someone in their back pocket that is impartial, with a fresh perspective on ways to accomplish and exceed their goals and dreams. This direct, supportive and accountable approach holds them to higher levels of performance and growth.

If you or anyone you know struggles with how to maintain peak performance, I welcome the opportunity to connect. Apply for coaching below. We will provide “customized” coaching to meet your specific situation.

After working with me, my clients have:

  • Mastered the art of communicating. They are confident and ready no matter how difficult they seem.
  • Quickly manage any situation or crisis they face without so much struggle
  • Confidently handle those difficult conversations planned and unplanned
  • Learned how to avoid over-reacting that ultimately sabotages their results
  • Up-leveled their mental game to regain their winning edge and negotiate win-win deals
  • Improve their relationships so when they leave work they actually enjoy their family
  • Their health back and feel energized to enjoy the hobbies they've been missing out on
  • Breakout of the draining cycle of the Work-Life Roller Coaster once and for all

"Having to manage multiple personalities, different work ethics, and trying to balance my own personal clientele along with Management made things very stressful. The stress and anxiety brought problems into my personal life. The results are amazing! I’m able to manage my staff more effectively and create a more positive way of approaching situations. I’m able to see my Corporate goals more clearly and have learned to balance both work-loads and my personal life."

Master Stylist, Manager, Corporate Hair Salon

"Leading an academic division requires getting many very talented people with different research interests and different career goals working cohesively towards the same objectives. Through a series of conversations, Barrie helped me focus on my own strengths and weaknesses to think logically and strategically about my leadership role and performance, and how I could maximize the success of the team. She provided an exceptional perspective that helped me become a better leader."

Chris Forsmark, MD
Chief, Division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition University of Florida

"Before working with Barrie, I found myself juggling the multiple stresses of running two businesses simultaneously while also keeping in-check the additional stresses of living a balanced lifestyle at home. While working with Barrie, I noticed that I was able to consistently press through challenges with positive results. This is due largely in part to Barrie's natural, intuitive ability to listen and hear beyond what I'm saying to see things clearly from various perspectives."

Chris Magdelain
Principal and Creative Director, Magdesign

"Our professional relationship has impacted my life with my family, my coworkers, my clients, my friends – every aspect. I can state unequivocally it has been an extremely rewarding endeavor working with you. I did not understand and appreciate that how I deal with everyone requires cogitation beyond a “knee jerk” reaction that delivers the outcome that makes the most sense. You have taught me to approach things differently. This leads to stronger relationships with my family and a more productive work environment. People are happier, more respectful. Revenue is up."

Tom Cleary
Multiple Business Owner


Thanks for your interest in investing in your business and your life! Due to the high level of service and individuality that I provide and the demand for coaching, new clients will be scheduled on a first serve basis.


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